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School Assemblies

EPIC Entertainment performs exciting school assemblies. We have shows suited for all ages and we love to serve elementary, middle and high schools.

New for 2020: EPIC Digital School Assemblies
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Elementary School

Our Elementary show features our fun mascot character “Kazoo” and our talented motivational speaker. We use hilarious mascot skits and exciting games like our epic hamster ball races and “Kazooka” toilet paper launchers that are sure to capture your students’ attention and leave them learning valuable lessons that are easy to understand.

Middle & High School

Our Middle & High School show features talented motivational speakers, interactive games, intense competitions, and powerful messages that will impact students. 


Customized Performances

After every skit or game we play, our in-school performances include time to show children how the themed message relates to them, giving them an easy-to-understand, visual way to remember the key points. It’s a rollercoaster ride of exciting fun with a meaningful, age-appropriate message.

We even offer customized performances for all age groups, from pre-K classes through 12th grade students. Your school can choose from relevant assembly topics like: 

  • Red Ribbon Week/Anti-drugs
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Character Development
  • STAAR Testing 
  • Reading Rocks
  • Self-Esteem
  • Reward Day
  • Fun Run and Fundraisers
  • Back-to-School Bashes
  • End-of-the-Year Celebrations
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Want to save money? 
If you refer us to another school in your district, and they also schedule an assembly with EPIC for the same date, both your schools can split the travel costs, and your school gets an extra $50 discount on your first show! This is a perfect opportunity to save big while also receiving an amazing assembly for your students. Call us to find out exact rates for your area.

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Looking to make your school carnival or fundraiser EPIC?

We also offer many exciting circus entertainers, artists, inflatables, and musicians that will drive a crowd to your school carnival, fundraiser, or field day.

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